April 17, 2019

“Customer experience is one of the most important success factors of the onboarding process. Customers need to see a single process, no matter how many channels they use. To avoid losing customers during the process, the onboarding strategy must offer cutting-edge personalized experiences that accompany the customer during the onboarding process across multiple channels.” Inside Magazine Issue 16, Part 01 – From a Digital Perspective, Deloitte.

Veridate’s Chief Opportunities Officer and Co-founder, Peter Hatz, has expressed his excitement of this new venture adding that, ‘It’s all about speed, less manual work, fewer errors, tighter compliance, and the user experience for customers. The opportunity be able to distribute COBA with Soft Landing in Mexico and work with their talented team will be Veridate’s second country wide Distribution Agreement and view the potential with great excitement.

Soft Landing Mexico’s Managing Director, Susana Carmona, has said “Mexico is taking a stern view on the implementation of their regulatory framework and have aligned it to the new digital era and the new way of doing businesses. The protection of personal data, preventing money laundering and the regulation of FinTech are key priorities. The need to simplify and automate processes related to information control and client on boarding. We see great potential and benefits by delivering COBA to the Mexican marketplace.”

About Veridate Financial

Veridate provides fully integrated end-to-end client onboarding solutions for a variety of financial services participants which may include wealth management firms, accountants, and governed platform operators, through its COBA software. The solution offers a step-change in regulatory control and efficiency through workflow reengineering and digital automation. More information on COBA can be found at[1]

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