[Press Release] – DocuSign Integration Allows for Increased Onboarding Efficiencies for Custodians, Institutions, and Break-Aways

ALPHARETTA, Ga, January 28, 2020 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and onboarding tool, is pleased to announce a new partnership with DocuSign.

PreciseFP integrates with leading technology providers servicing the financial services sector to increase efficiencies at the firm level while providing a better overall consumer experience. With its new integration with DocuSign, PreciseFP gives advisors the ability to present clients with prefilled Engagements that clients then complete and electronically sign on the device of their choice, avoiding the hassles and inefficiencies of paper.

The new DocuSign integration, combined with PreciseFP’s client engagement and onboarding platform results in:

  • Accelerated Onboarding — Advisors using PreciseFP as their primary data-gathering and engagement tool already have most of the data needed to fill custodial and other forms used in the onboarding process. Using this data, advisors send clients prefilled Engagements for clients to easily fill in the missing pieces and quickly provide e-signatures via DocuSign for accelerated onboarding.
  • Reduced NIGO — This is an industry first where clients never have to deal with filling out PDFs. Instead, the highly acclaimed PreciseFP Engagement interface is presented to clients, complete with fields that are exposed or hidden depending on the situation at hand. Fields can further be made to be required and even checked for accuracy before the client is able to submit the Engagement. This results in forms that are completely filled and that contain fewer errors, further resulting in drastically reduced NIGO.
  • More Options for Break-Away Firms — Since many breakaway firms have very limited client data they can bring with them, it can take some time to gather data needed to open accounts and to have clients sign required documents. PreciseFP’s advanced data-gathering technology allows break-away firms to expand the client’s profile rapidly before the break-away occurs. The solution then springs into action when the advisory firm transitions, sending out documents for DocuSign e-signature and sharing data with other external systems such as CRMs and financial planning software, thereby avoiding manual data entry. The solution results in break-away firms onboarding their clients within days, instead of the weeks or months that manual processes can incur.
  • Ability to Map and e-Sign any Custodial or Institutional Form — PreciseFP’s PDF Mapper allows advisors to map client data to any fillable PDF. Custodial, insurance, estate planning, or any custom PDF can be easily mapped and used as part of the PreciseFP experience, where clients are not required to interact with the underlying PDF. Instead, clients use the PreciseFP interface to complete prefilled Engagements and apply their signatures using the DocuSign integration, with the end result being a filled and e-signed PDF.

“The addition of the DocuSign integration makes PreciseFP a very compelling onboarding platform for advisors who work with large custodians and institutions that require the use of DocuSign when using e-signatures with clients,” said Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO at PreciseFP. “A better client experience, improved efficiencies at the firm level, and reduced NIGO make PreciseFP a formidable competitor to any proprietary robo offering. Independent advisors who haven’t already done so will want to consider adding PreciseFP and DocuSign to their tech stack.”

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