Press Release Details for ExactHire/Barada Associates Partnership

This press release was in the Business section of the Indianapolis Star on August 12, 2010.[1]
Barada Associates and ExactHire to Provide Indiana Companies with New Hiring Solution

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 3, 2010
Barada Associates[2], Indiana’s premier provider of employment screening and reference reports, announced today a partnership with ExactHire[3], an Indianapolis-based developer of applicant tracking software[4]. The two firms are also unveiling the integration of their web-based platforms that will enable Indiana businesses to gain access to their most essential pre-employment services – background screening and application tracking – from a single, online solution.

“We entered this agreement because the two processes are naturally linked based on when and where they occur in the hiring process,” explained William C. Barada, Vice President of Barada Associates. “We selected ExactHire for the partnership because we wanted to provide our clients with a complete, integrated solution from two best-of breed-providers.”
The solution has already been rolled out to several Indianapolis-area organizations that are benefiting from the effort:

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