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Cleveland, OH, Dec. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Able, the leading provider of onboarding automation technology for the staffing and recruiting industry, today announced Able for Salesforce, bringing its comprehensive onboarding features and automation to the Salesforce platform.

The fully-featured, Able core platform is trusted by some of the largest staffing agencies in the world, dealing with some of the most complex hiring workflows. Founded within a staffing agency in 2014 and later established as a separate company in 2017, Able’s cloud-based, mobile-first platform makes qualifying, hiring, and engaging candidates easy for everyone involved by streamlining the onboarding process with automation and a focus on a simplified candidate experience. 

Able for Salesforce enriches the powerful capabilities available within the Salesforce platform with dynamic Able core features to create an enhanced, top-tier onboarding workflow, including remote I-9s, integrated background checks, and automatic reminders for placing any role, along with credential management and skills checklists for more complex healthcare staffing. 

“Able for Salesforce means we can bring our own comprehensive and configurable onboarding features to Salesforce, helping more employees successfully move from applicant to candidate to great first day,” said Gerald Hetrick, CEO of Able. “We’re excited to help recruiters and HR professionals level up the onboarding experience in the same system that powers their organizations.” 

Addressing some of the key challenges facing the staffing and recruiting industry like high candidate drop-off rates, low recruiter productivity due to time-intensive manual processes, and a lack of actionable data insights into the onboarding process, Able for Salesforce facilitates a seamless flow of candidate data in one system, making it easier to:  

  • Onboard faster by automating processes that minimize manual effort and shorten time to hire. 
  • Hire smarter with a better understanding of the health of your talent pipeline through analytics and data insights into recruiter productivity, candidate drop-off, and much more.
  • Unlock complexity by solving your most challenging use cases with dynamic features, from built-in e-signature to complete form management for recruiters, all configurable to best fit your needs within Salesforce.
  • Maintain engagement to the finish line by meeting candidates where they are—likely on the go—with a mobile-first experience and a seamless, responsive candidate UI. 

The application will be listed in the Salesforce appexchange in January 2021. To learn more, schedule a demo, or get started with Able for Salesforce, please visit ableteams.com/salesforce. 

About Able

Able offers a fully-featured onboarding automation platform to help staffing firms ensure all candidates have a world-class onboarding experience. The company’s cloud-based, mobile-first platform makes qualifying, hiring, and engaging candidates easy for everyone involved. Able can automate even the most complex of hiring workflows, so staffing firms can hire up to 90 percent faster at half the cost. For more information, visit www.ableteams.com[1] and follow @AbleOnboarding on LinkedIn.

Myriha Burce Able myriha.burce@ableteams.com


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