eBook Release: Effective Employee Onboarding For Modern Organizations

Onboarding, which also goes by the name of organizational socialization, is a term that began to grow in the 1970s. It describes the process through which new employees become accustomed to new knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective members of an organization. Even if this term comes from the past, the onboarding processes have changed significantly.

eBook Release: Developing An Effective Employee Onboarding Process In The Modern Workplace

eBook Release

Developing An Effective Employee Onboarding Process In The Modern Workplace

As technology and business processes continue to change, we must take greater care to support employees with effective onboarding.

A New Age For Employee Onboarding

It would be extremely convenient to just hand over a folder and a desk to your new employees. Then, discuss briefly the company goals, share a document with the policies, and some basic orientation tips. It would save you valuable time as well. Also, you wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the new hires. Luckily, these old and dusty orientation practices have been altered and have become what we all know as employee onboarding. Technological innovations have helped take onboarding to a whole new level. Excuses for not implementing it correctly are finally off the table!

It is essential to get an idea of why more and more people are investing in employee onboarding best practices. Why do business experts truly care about creating and developing a smooth and valuable onboarding process for their new hires? The modern organization is well aware of the benefits it carries. A lot of employees leave their companies because of little development opportunities and online training. And, at the same time, as AllenComm experts state in their eBook, Developing An Effective Employee Onboarding Process In The Modern Workplace[1], 94% of employees claim they would stay longer in a company if their company helped them learn.

Modern Onboarding For Modern Employees

You need your new, experienced workforce to stay and give value to your organization, right? Then look at the numbers and reflect on the truth that lays behind them. Employees need and want to learn. They care about online training. And if it’s about onboarding and becoming familiar with their new role, it’s even more important to them—nobody likes feeling isolated or lost. Modernize your organization by offering your new hires useful onboarding experiences that will make them valuable members of your business really quick.

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